Technology & the Fundamentals of Learning

"What if a good education doesn’t require everything we’ve made it today? Could the bells-and-whistles we’ve attached to learning be a part of why real learning is so rare? For instance, our electronic and digital age has changed education in a big way through computers, the internet, television, video games, etc. Yet, the overuse of … Continue reading Technology & the Fundamentals of Learning

Be Yourself

It was a normal day at school when all of a sudden our parents came in, took us by the hand, and lead us out of the public elementary school, starting us on an amazing journey that would change our lives forever... To read on, CLICK HERE.

Is Home Schooling More Beneficial Than Traditional School?

I lost my job this past July and have since gone back to school to get my degree (I also work with Sylvan as a tutor). My intention was originally to become a teacher but that is now up in the air since the public education system is now being destroyed from the inside out … Continue reading Is Home Schooling More Beneficial Than Traditional School?