Respectability VS the Anointing – Paul Cain (May 1991)

Special note from Joel: This is one of those messages I review periodically as a refresher. It's such a powerful reminder of what's really important in our life in Christ, a reminder we need to hear often. For me, this message is a classic. It's one of those messages that impacted me perhaps more than … Continue reading Respectability VS the Anointing – Paul Cain (May 1991)

Stop Your Complaining!

Who would’ve thought that this little, seemingly insignificant county had such a rich, admirable heritage? Few things open our eyes to our latent potential more than a candid look at our history; and now, after touring the Round House, I am certain of the true, innate, God-given greatness in every one of us when I … Continue reading Stop Your Complaining!

Be Yourself

It was a normal day at school when all of a sudden our parents came in, took us by the hand, and lead us out of the public elementary school, starting us on an amazing journey that would change our lives forever... To read on, CLICK HERE.