Jesus, Unleashed (To purchase your own copy, click here.)

FREE eBooklets

Jude: A Prophetic Commentary for our Times (Free PDF download, 90 pages)

A New Creation: God’s Masterpiece (Free PDF download, 28 pages).

The Day of the Lord – Part I-VII (Free PDF download, 49 pages)

His Manifest Presence – Parts I-IV (Free PDF download, 10 pages)


Come Away (Free PDF download, 4 pages)

Crumbs or a Feast? (Free PDF download, 4 pages)

The Hearing Ear (Free PDF download, 3 pages)

There’s More (Free PDF download, 1 page)

First Things First (Free PDF download, 1 page)

Psalm 119 (“The Word made flesh” in you!) (Free PDF download, 3 pages)

The Fall of Prejudice (Free PDF download, 1 pages)

He HATH Done Great Things (Free PDF download, 3 pages)

Christ’s Coming in Proverbs (Free PDF download, 10 pages)

A Deeper Consecration (Free PDF download, 2 pages)

Leaving All…Following Him (Free PDF download, 3 pages)

The Unlimited Heart (Free PDF download, 6 pages)

The Sensitive Heart (Free PDF download, 5 pages)


When the Sons of God Walk In (Will you recognize Him?) (Free PDF download, 4 pages)

Beyond the Horizon (How far can you see?) (Free PDF download, 12 pages)

A Vision: The Flood (The shaking of your religious apple-cart) (Free PDF download, 3 pages)

The Unrecognizable Messiah (How will you respond?) (Free PDF download, 2 pages)


Excellent Three-Fold Things

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