He “Hath” Done Great Things

There are few things in life that have the power to encourage and inspire true believers like learning and remembering all Jesus did in His Finished Work on the Cross. That final act as a human being was His greatest victory of all time. He finished and complete all things. He reversed the curse, restored the way to fellowship with God, provided every blessing of Eden and beyond and went even further by giving us the grace to experience the beauty and reality of Heaven on earth.

The old saying, “Ignorance is bless” is a farse. Ignorance leads to death. Many are perishing for a lack of knowledge and vision. The following link will give you a springboard from which you can discover all that Jesus “HATH” done for you and all who are His – He “Hath” Done Great Things. As you read over this short message, I dare you to try and think of one thing Jesus DIDN’T provide for you and me through His Finished Work. And then, when you revert to living like Jesus still has to do something for you, hear Him ask you what He asked me: “What part of ‘It is finished’ did you not understand“?

Then, I would encourage you to pull out your Strong’s Concordance and look up “now” and “in him“. This will rocket you into orbit, trust me. It changed my life forever.  😉

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