Dream: The Shack, Snakes & Retreaters

The following is a dream that a good friend of mine had a few days ago. Her first name is Robin. She sent the dream to me, asking me and others to pray for the interpretation. After praying and getting what I felt was my part, I found that the dream offered wisdom and understanding for our times that needs to be shared with a wider audience. So, here’s the e-mail I sent her, with the dream and interpretation; her dream is in blue while my comments are in read, with brackets. If you get anything on this dream, feel free to share it in the comments section. Thanks!:


Robin – This dream is very significant. I believe it has been given to you for intercession. Here is my part. Pray over it and see if this confirms anything for you or with anything you get from anyone else.


It started out with my sister-in-law (who passed away suddenly from a heart attack about a year and a half ago) and I were at some sort of retreat, very lush and a little tropical,  tall trees with limbs cut up very high and lush green grass underneath.” [Robin, in this dream, you represent a part of the Body of Christ that has a “retreat” mentality (This is not to say that you personally have a “retreat” mindset; rather, the Lord is allowing you (and others in these times) to identify and thus sympathize with this part of His Body in order to equip you with compassion for them which will give you authority to bring them to a place of courage as overcomers. Your deceased sister-in-law speaks of the part of the Bride which “lost heart” and is also on a “retreat.”]


She (Terri) walked a little ahead to see the water (this place was on a jutted out piece of land, where water was on nearly every side.) I was looking around at the beauty and the trees and the breeze started blowing… [The water speaks of the Word and the Spirit. The Word and the Spirit was nearly surrounding you all and as you were looking around at nature which reveals the handiwork of God, the Wind, the Spirit began to blow; as you began to focus on Him, He began to respond.]


“…I saw a VERY large blue snake with designs sort of like a moccasin. He was very large at some points, about as big as your upper arm, tapering off to real slender with a very small head. I wondered if it was some sort of python or something. Then I saw that there were many more just like it hanging all in the trees everywhere and they seemed to be multiplying very quickly.” [This “VERY large blue snake” speaks of a very influential counterfeit prophetic ministry (“blue” often speaks of open-heavens, thus revelation). The “small head” speaks of that entities’ inadequate submission to Jesus, the Head (the same error committed by the Colossian church; they stopped holding Christ the Head), which explains why the (corporate) body of that snake was bloated (“very large”) in certain parts of its body (this also speaks of a loss of proper circulation in that body; that body of “prophetic believers” lacks an ebb-n-flow among it’s different parts). The other blue snakes that were hanging in trees speaks of a collective counterfeit prophetic movement that is in league with the VERY large blue snake; and they are hanging in trees which speaks of dwelling in “high places” (This points to them being “leaders.”)]


I called to Terri and said we’d better go to the cabin. She said, not to be so worried about them. When we got to the cabin, we shut the back door, and I looked around to see how the place was put together – if there were any cracks around the floor or ceiling, and said ‘it will be easier to keep the snakes out, than to get them out, if they get in.’ [You show more discernment than Terri (Again, you and Terri represent the parts of the body that are “retreaters” rather than “overcomers”; the only difference between you two is that she has “lost heart” and you haven’t which is why you are able to “see” – discern – better than she can, below the surface.) She did not have a sense of urgency like you did (This is very encouraging as it shows that there are some “retreaters” who have the gift of perception from the Lord which can help them stay on the path to the degree they can “see.”). And yet, with that said, there was no reason to run from those snakes since their heads, the authority, was small and their bodies, their strength, was bloated and therefore retarded. If the “retreaters” knew who they were in Christ, they would overcome the snake-hoard (This reminds me now of the snakes of shame in Rick Joyner’s The Final Quest; there may be a correlation there.).]


Then a very distinguished, blue-blood looking older woman came up on the front porch and we all 3 stood there looking over the cliff at the water, and the wind began to blow very hard,  and she said  “there’s a storm coming,  a big storm. many have died in the 4-way seas”,  and very distinctly you could see the waves coming up and coming together from 4 different directions. Many people in the lower areas, near the beach were still lying in the sun, playing in the surf and continued to, even after the sun went away and the clouds billowed up.” [The “very distinguished, blue-blood looking older woman” was a seasoned seer-company in the Bride of Christ. She brought you OUT of the retreat cabin, the place of “retreat”, onto the front porch (the front lines) and near the cliff (the cutting edge) where you could get “the big picture” of what was going on at that moment and what was soon to come. She informed you of the magnitude of what was coming and what it had already done. Your eyes were opened. The waves that came from “4 different directions” parallels with the four winds of the earth in the Book of Revelation – each wind has its own purpose and, together, provide a balanced operation of God in the earth to bring judgment and restoration. Those who were on “the lower areas” speaks of those who are on the lower levels of “the Faith” – less mature – who are less aware of what is on the horizon; they were “laying in the sun” which shows they are receiving from the Son but they were “playing in the surf” which means they aren’t paying attention and were thus completely oblivious to the coming danger. Then when the sun (Son) set and the clouds billowed up, they stuck to “business as usual” even though the Presence (warmth) of the Son (sun) was gone.]


Then I saw the mayor/man who was in charge of the resort, and wanted to get his opinion on the storm, he seemed  frustrated and in a hurry. I asked him, “where are we exactly, are we in Africa ? ” He responded ” Yes,  you are”, then I asked him where were people going to go to wait out the storm, he pointed to some small campers, travel trailers, and then a tall beach fraternity looking house – I then asked him about the cabin we were in, if it was built pretty sturdily, and he said, “well, it’s been here a long time, it has real mortar between the logs, you are in Winston Churchill’s place.” [It’s interesting that you used the word “resort” when speaking of the “retreat” area; people go to resorts when they go on vacations, when they want to vacate or retreat from something. The “man/mayor” who was in charge of the resort speaks of those religious leaders who are in charge (authority) of keeping the “retreat” area up and running (“Resorts” are business; they make money; the “man/mayor” kept the resort running so he could benefit financially). You asked him for counsel which shows that the “retreaters” (the fearful) are unable to discern the difference between wise counsel and wicked counsel; this reminds me of Psalm 1 (Again, this is not about you Robin, but cowardly “Christians.”). Africa is called “The Dark Continent”; darkness speaks of confusion (light speaks of understanding or revelation). Therefore, “retreaters”, blue snakes and those who are in charge of the “retreat” area dwell in darkness or confusion. And it showed when the “mayor/man  told you guys to do the few things one should never do in a terrible storm – take refuge in a “small camper” or “travel trailer” (there is nothing safe about these forms of shelter in storms). And when he referred you to the “tall beach fraternity looking house,” I looked up the word “fraternity” and it deals with a close-knit, exclusive brotherhood; this speaks to me of a “secret society”, something that is closed and secretive which speaks of that which is in darkness (this is a confirmation of the principle of confusion that is a part of these kinds of “Christians”); anything that is in darkness is not of God since He is Light and there is no darkness in Him. The tallness of the frat house speaks of its “appearance” as being something that “seems” substantive or significant – the key word is “appearance.” Apparently, Robin, you didn’t feel comfortable with the small campers, travel trailers or the tall beach frat looking house so you asked about the cabin. The “man in charge” told you the cabin was old and that mortar was between the logs but he never answered your question as to its strength. Finally, as for it being Winston Churchill’s place (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winston_Churchhill), I feel this was the “mayor/mans” attempt to further define the strength of the old house by attaching a strong name to it. Also, since the Lord IS raising up an army of prophetic statesman, that in many ways carries the spirit and nobility of Churchill, this reference to the cabin belonging to Churchill reveals a counterfeit army; this army wants so badly to be recognized and known as being legitimate that they are willing to associate themselves with those who actually are; therefore, they “seem” to be what they are not. They are pretenders.]


Robin, this dream was given to give you insight into a large segment of the Body of Christ for prayer. Pray also about sharing this with the Body of Christ when you are led, especially with other prophetic intercessors who can pray into this thing. The Lord is trying to warn His Body about dark days ahead. Much of the Body of Christ will not survive what is coming while in their present condition. The issue regarding discernment is VITAL and deals with spiritual hearing and intuition; those who are unable to discern the times and who are unable to clearly hearing and obey the Lord’s voice will be taken by surprise and overcome by the wind and waves of crisis. This is a warning dream. In His mercy, He is trying to break through to us to prepare all of us. He is calling all of us to another level of relationship and prophetic sensitivity to Him. He is calling His Body to Truth and honor and away from pretending. He is also exposing the counterfeits of the Kingdom. Ezekiel 44 reveals a Zadok priesthood that knows “the difference between the holy and the common” and shows God’s people “how to distinguish between the unclean and the clean.” The Lord is raising up overcomers, who have ears to hear, who are strong in the Word, who have a backbone and walk in Psalm 1.


And remember, since the Lord allowed you to IDENTIFY with the “retreat-er believers”, He has given you the ability to sympathize with them, to meet them where they are and bring them out of their darkness and defeat, into the Light.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Comment, if you have anything you’d like to add. We would love to hear what you think or feel about this. Peace.

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