Well, this had to happen at some point. I’m really doing this in preparation for the publication of my first book which does not yet have a set title (there are over a dozen in the can to pick from but none of them grip me). Every author has a blog, right? Well, I sure hope so cause here it tiz.

Anyway, this blog is going to have a Heinz 57 variety of topics over the months and years to come: Political, spiritual, historical, socialogical etcetera. I really hope though to treat this as an authentic journal of sort. I will also throw in updates from time to time on my beautiful wife, Lauren, and our three gorgeous girls, Moriah (Born 4/7/04) and Kathryn and Olivia, our twins (Born 11/23/2006). Oh and we also have a another girl on the way who we think will be named Laylah Grace but we aren’t set on that yet – at least Lauren isn’t (I love that name personally).

So, ok, more is to come. It’s late so I’m heading to bed. I don’t know why I do this to myself. It’s 12/07 pm and Daylight Savings Time is actually taking an hour away from me tonight – it’s not “saving” me anything so I say we call it Daylight Losing Time at this time of year. But is that going to happen? Nooooooooo.

night night

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