Climate Change: Feelings v. Facts

I'm tackling Biology 111 during this Summer semester, and it is proving to be quite challenging, in more ways than one. For instance, last week the professor showed us Al Gore's very entertaining documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which declares man-made climate change as "settled science" based on "consensus." She had us watch the movie in … Continue reading Climate Change: Feelings v. Facts

From Slavery to Freedom

He was eight years old, sometime in the early 1800s, when he was sent to Baltimore to live with a ship carpenter named Mr. Hugh Auld. As Frederick Douglass wrote in his Narrative, “Going to live at Baltimore laid the foundation, and opened the gateway to all my subsequent prosperity.” But what happened in Baltimore … Continue reading From Slavery to Freedom

Technology & the Fundamentals of Learning

"What if a good education doesn’t require everything we’ve made it today? Could the bells-and-whistles we’ve attached to learning be a part of why real learning is so rare? For instance, our electronic and digital age has changed education in a big way through computers, the internet, television, video games, etc. Yet, the overuse of … Continue reading Technology & the Fundamentals of Learning