Re-Viewing Catholicism

“The Catholic Church is a mystery to some people, a source of controversy to others, and a medium of connection to God for many. As a protestant, I have to admit that I have held many false impressions of the Catholic Church that were handed to me by the media, by several misleading stereotypes, and by various sects of my own faith, but my research in preparing for this report has provided a pleasant adjustment to my views. While visiting the local Catholic Church and digging deep into the Catholic faith and culture, I found myself enjoying its beauty, history, and devotion. Of course, I cannot say that I agree with every aspect of the Catholic faith, but I can say that there is far more I agree with than disagree with…” — READ MORE

One thought on “Re-Viewing Catholicism

  1. Dear Joel, What a thorough and thoughtful summary of the precepts of the Catholic Church. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I believe that you are absolutely right when you say that as Christians, we have more in common than we know. If we can put aside our differences and stand as Christians we can have great power to defeat the evil forces which seek to destroy our beloved America. I am so happy to know that you took the time and effort to gain a new understanding for the Catholic Church. We love you and we so look forward to coming to know your family in just a few short weeks. Love Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob


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