Climate Change: Feelings v. Facts

I'm tackling Biology 111 during this Summer semester, and it is proving to be quite challenging, in more ways than one. For instance, last week the professor showed us Al Gore's very entertaining documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which declares man-made climate change as "settled science" based on "consensus." She had us watch the movie in … Continue reading Climate Change: Feelings v. Facts

The Tea Party, Then and Now

After enduring the Navigation Acts, the Molasses Act of 1733, the Currency Act of 1764, the Stamp Act of 1765, the Quartering Act of 1765, the Declaratory Act of 1766, the Revenue Act of 1767, the Townsend Acts, and many other cruel and oppressive actions by King George, which belittled individual liberty and “the laws … Continue reading The Tea Party, Then and Now

The Fraud of Climate Change

What if we aren’t responsible for climate change? What if all our efforts to curb our carbon footprints are for nothing? There has been great concern on the part of the media, politicians, and the public over man-made climate change. And the environmental movement believes it is the responsibility of governments to dictate corrective, legislative … Continue reading The Fraud of Climate Change