‘Emerging Church’: Should You Really Worship Jesus in a Bar?

TWO HARBORS, Minn. (AP) — It was a Sunday during Advent, and inside a small pub a few blocks up from the north shore of Lake Superior, 17 people gathered around four bar-top tables shoved into a ring…

…“I’m a reality person, and I’m finding a little too much established religion here to be honest,” Shank said. “I believe, I pray — but I don’t like structured religion.”…

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One thought on “‘Emerging Church’: Should You Really Worship Jesus in a Bar?

  1. well shouldn’t we worship God all the time everywhere? there are plenty of things I do not agree with the Emerging Church on… but they do challenge some religious ideas that has crept into the church that we have just accepted as “the right thing to do” but really don’t produce life… we are the salt of the earth… we are supposed to be worshipers no matter where we are.. but for some reason we like to keep it inside church walls only.


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