Ten Prejudices, One Root, One Solution

A few years ago I wrote a short piece called “The Fall of Prejudice“, which I meant to publish in our local newspaper but never did (Maybe I still will, sometime soon). To tell you the truth, the topic I addressed required more attention than the 400 word limit the newspaper puts on letters to the Editor, yet I did the best I could to cram the crème de la crème of my message into the fewest words possible; as Shakespeare once said, in Hamlet, “Brevity is the soul of wit”.

Be that as it may, this particular article has been on my heart a lot recently since I was asked to be a part of the Race4Unity Race Relations Discussion Panel which took place a few weeks ago. The issue of race is a big deal for some people who haven’t grown beyond it, and as I said while on the discussion panel, “Racism is only an issue for those who have nothing else to stand on or who have their identity in playing the victim card.” I pity the very few in this country and world who are stuck in the thick of thin things. It’s really sad, but it is not a broad issue and should not be treated as such because the vast majority of people have matured beyond such trifle mess (of course, the mainstream media has pumped this issue with so much hot air that those who rely on the media have been conditioned with a disturbing sense of reality). In fact, I would argue that everyone is prejudiced but in very different ways, which brings me back to my article.

Here’s the premise: Prejudice manifests in ten general forms – Racial, Sexual, Chronological, Geographical, Educational, Financial, Physical, Denominational, Ministerial, and Doctrinal – and they all have one common root which can be deadened by one kryptonite-like anti-dote (Note: The ten prejudices come from chapter three of Dr. Kelley Varner’s book, The More Excellent Ministry).


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