NEW RELEASE: Jesus Unleashed (Order Your Copy Today!!!)

After about 7 years of studying the Gospels, writing about Jesus, praying over His life, re-writing everything over and over again, and making correction after correction as directed by my beloved “brutal editors” (ha ha), it is finally done.

My prayer and intention in writing this 6 chapter, 124-pg book is to present a balanced view of Jesus that many may not have considered. Of course, there are nearly 45 other articles on various aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry still on my hard drive that will, only day, perhaps, be chapters in other books, but this book contains 6 chapters that address 6 issues I’ve noticed in the church that Jesus’ words and deeds alone can remedy.

To purchase your copy, click here. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

One thought on “NEW RELEASE: Jesus Unleashed (Order Your Copy Today!!!)

  1. This looks great. I am releasing Jesus Unleashed: Luke’s Gospel for Emerging Christians next month. I should have checked to make sure that our titles don’t overlap. I also just found your book, and would like to read it as well. God bless you for your work.


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