7 Writing Lessons from Mark Batterson @ Evotional.com

My head has been buried in my next book, but I thought I’d leave the writing forest for awhile and blog about the process. Hope this helps some other writers.

Here are a few 30,000 foot observations:

1) Writing is praying with a keyboard. That is my biggest revelation this time around. My books are 200-page prayers.

2) I used to hate editing because my ego was too fragile. I don’t know how, but somewhere between the last book and this book I’ve fallen in love with the editing process. Why? Because my ultimate goal is to make this the best book possible. My editors give me an outside perspective that gives me so much more perspective on my writing.

3) I’m more of a right-brain writer, but that can be frustrating for left-brain readers. My editor has helped me write with a little more linear logic without losing the right-brain creativity. And a big part of that is simply helping the reader identify the problem you want to help them with.

4) I want to write prophetic words. That’s been my prayer this week as I finish final edits. I want people to be able to pinpoint one paragraph or one page that changed their life.

5) Writing is like letting someone into your brain. For better or for worse, welcome to my brain. It’s an act of transparency.

6) You’ve got to have tremendous tenacity. That’s what it comes down to. I’ve been gutting it out this week. My short-term memory is shot. I’m seeing spots. But I’m going to get this book done.

7) I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines. They stress me out, but because of my perfectionism, I need deadlines. Without a deadline I’d never get done.

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